Rendezvous is now a Universal app, meaning that it works on both the iPad and the iPhone. Adding an iPhone version allows access to all appointments and clients without carrying along your iPad. You can see, change and add to your schedule on your iPhone and when you return to your iPad all of the additions and changes you made on your iPhone will appear automatically. Likewise, any appointments, changes, and client data done on the iPad will sync back to the iPhone.

Rendezvous running on iOS devices with arrows representing synchronization

But, in order for all the appointment and client information to match on both the iPad and the iPhone must be synchronized. This is done through your iCloud account. Any changes made on either device will sync through your personal and private iCloud account. If you don’t have an account just sign up for one by going to Settings on either your iPad or iPhone and select iCloud . Here you will be able to create an iCloud account. Once created both devices must be logged onto iCloud and iCloud Drive turned ON .

For more information about iCloud Drive visit:

Arrow chasing in a circle

Syncing Data