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The Free Trial is for potential users to get the full experience of a simple day planner for appointment-driven businesses.

To get the free trial version go to http://apple.co/1HlfKFF then tap GET the Rendezvous Appointment Book Trial to download. Then open Rendezvous and follow the on-screen steps to start the trial.

The remaining days will be displayed at the top of the screen.

When the trial is over Rendezvous will no longer function. But you will still be able to view all appointments you made and client info you entered as ALL of your data is securely kept in your iCloud private account.

If you decide to purchase Rendezvous (Thank You) immediately at the end of the trial, or days, weeks or even months after the end ALL of your Rendezvous data you entered during the 14-day trial will be downloaded automatically from your iCloud account. You can even purchase the Lifetime version from the trial version even though the trial is over.

And, don't forget the companion iPhone version of Rendezvous; just go to the App Store on your iPhone and download it. Of course, if you purchased the iPadOS version on the iPad the iOS (iPhone) version) is included - no charge.