How do I set a double-booked appointment on the iPad?

Rendezvous Appointment Book has created a very easy way to schedule multiple appointments. The procedure is just like making a regular appointment, but to make an “appointment within an appointment” just double tap the color bar of the existing appointment. The Make an Appointment entry screen will slide up. Fill in the appointment details and and tap Save.  The appointment will now appear as a different color bar along side the existing appointment.

Both appointments can be edited just like any other appointment.

How do I manage my Client List?

Your Client List can be managed from within Rendezvous. Press on the Clients icon located at the upper right of the Day, Week, Month and List views on the iPad. On the iPhone tap on the Client icon at the bottom of the screen. Here you will see a list of all of your clients. On the iPad Tapping on anyone will bring up that Client's information. Here you can edit the Client's name, phone number, email address and Client Notes. Also, displayed will be the Client's appointment history. On the iPhone tap on the Client screen then tap on the to edit a client's information.

How do I back up my Client and Appointments data?

If you are using Rendezvous only on one device - either the iPad or the iPhone follow these steps:

There are two ways to back up your data - either using iCloud or iTunes.

Warning single device users! If you delete Rendezvous from your iOS device you

will loose ALL of your Client and Appointment data!

 iCloud Backup

To backup your Rendezvous Client and Appointment data to your iCloud account please follow these steps.

Ensure Rendezvous is set to store your Client and Appointment data in iCloud:
    Open Settings  → iCloud → iCloud Drive (ON)  → Rendezvous slide to ON

Note: If “Use Mobile Data” is turned off under “Documents & Data”, iCloud will only sync Rendezvous data when your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. If your iPad is Cellular capable you can sync your Rendezvous data by enabling the “Use Mobile Data” option when no WiFi is available- however please note this will increase the amount of cellular data your iOS device uses.

  iTunes Backup
If you back up your iPad to iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC, either by a direct USB connection or by WiFi Sync, Rendezvous is also backed up.

If you have not set up iTunes backup connect your iPad to your computer. Open iTunes and select your iPad. Then follow Apple’s instructions to proceed.

Note: Syncing between devices and backing up are different. If you are using both an iPad and an iPhone syncing through iCloud then your data is stored there permanently.

How do I sync Rendezvous between an iPad and an iPhone?

Rendezvous is a Universal App and as such it will sync automatically between any iOS device running iOS 9.x. To activate syncing log in to your iCloud account (if you don't have one if easy set create one. Just go to Settings then iCloud and follow Apple's set up instructions).  Now enable iCloud Drive and Rendezvous will sync as long as there's an Internet connection.

How do I use the Client List Administrator?

The Client List Administrator allows you to view and edit all of your clients in one convenient location. Here your Clients will be listed in the sorting order you selected (in Settings). With each Client’s name there will be a Client Note to help identify the client.

Highlighting a Client’s name and tapping Edit will display the editing window. Here you can edit all the fields and add to  or change the notes, or you can delete the client completely.

Below the editing panel will be the Client’s Appointment History and future appointments along with any notes that were generated for each appointment.

On the iPhone tap on the Client screen then tap on the ⓘ to edit a client's information.

Can I use my Apple Contacts to add clients to my Rendezvous Client List?

Yes. The first time you go to add a new client from your Contacts (from Client List or from Appointment Entry Form: Tap on: New → Import from Contacts → Choose Contact and this window provide instructions for allowing Rendezvous to access your Contacts 

Once the “new” client has been copied into the Rendezvous Client database this client’s name will now automatically display when it is queried for another appointment.

How can I move an appointment to another day, week or month?

In other calendar apps moving an appointment (an Event) to a future date is cumbersome. How does Rendezvous make this simple?

Rendezvous has a unique way to move appointments around. When you want to change the time and date just lift it off the page by tapping on the Appointment you want to move. Then drag it over the new time slot and drop it to the new day and time. Or, while the Appointment floats above slide the calendar below it to the new date and drop the appointment to its new time.

If you change your mind just tap the "X" in the red circle to cancel the move.

Can I delete a Client?

By mistake I entered a Client twice. Can I delete one ? Yes. But be careful! From the Client List select the Client entry to be deleted, swipe a client name to the left, revealing the delete button, tap the delete button. A confirmation alert will come up warning that all appointments for this Client entry will be deleted as well.

Does the iPhone sync with Apple Calendar or Google Calendar?

No. Rendezvous syncs only between the iPad and the iPhone using your iCloud account. Internet access needed for syncing.

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