Updating to V2.1.X

Rendezvous is a Universal app so users can update to the new version for both the iPad and iPhone for free. Just download it from the App Store for both the iPad and iPhone. Rendezvous will work on the 4s or newer. 
A few cautions and requirements first…

  • Before you update back up your iPad and iPhone to iTunes (Mac or PC) as a safety measure. Your appointment records will be extra safe should a problem occur. Client records are NEVER deleted from iCloud unless done manually one-by-one by you.
  • If you are updating from Version 1.0.X You will need to set up an iCloud account  one if you don't already have one (to be shared with your iPad and iPhone). The iCloud Drive must turned on on both devices and logged on. An Internet connection (cellular or WiFi) is needed to sync your appointment and client data through your iCloud account. NOTE: If updating from Version 1.0.X please update your iPad first before installing the iPhone version.


When you open Rendezvous 2.1 for the first time on your iPad all of your appointments and client data from the previous version will load into the new version.
Then when you download and open Rendezvous on your iPhone all of your data now stored on iCloud will be synced into Rendezvous.
Now, all your appointments and client info automatically syncs when connected to the Internet, and are available across both devices immediately. You are now free to move around the world.

NOTE: As new updates are posted please backup before updating.
Note: more than one iPad or iPhone can be synced.